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Mag-10.....Biotest Employees

How long do you guys think Mag-10 will stay on the market? Indefinately or will it get ripped off like T-2 did? If ya’ll get word of it going off, please let us know so we can stock up because will all have faith that it is going to be some serious shit.

There is no legal reason, safety reason,
labeling reason, or other reason why MAG-10
would be pulled from the market. We didn’t
invest the effort (and research money) we
did into it for the sake of selling it for
just a few months or something. We have
every expectation of MAG-10 being a long-term

T2 was also legal BUT the FDA was understandably highly concerned about thyroid
hormones in general, because pharmaceutical
T3 had had some terrible quality control
problems in terms of accurate dosing (T2
went the extra mile in this regard and
dosing was no issue, but in general it
happens to be a very difficult problem
with solid dosage forms to accurately
have tiny amounts like 50 millionths
of a gram per capsule) and because of
other thyroid hormone (Triac) being illegally
sold as a nutritional supplement and causing
some severe medical problems. Not the same
issue at all.

I’m sure we could have won in court with
T2 but sometimes you have to pick your battles.
The FDA, though cynics may not believe, really does have genuine interest in people’s health
and, while T2 really was safe, we do understand
why they were highly concerned about any kind of thyroid hormone being sold as a nutritional supplement (regardless of letter of the law
saying that we could.)

The FDA has no financial incentive to work in the best interests of consumers. That is to say, like all government agencies, no matter how high the cost of the FDA’s services, and no matter how low the quality of those services, you are still forced to pay for them, so there is zero economic incentive to improve either cost or quality.

Beyond this, many people on the FDA board own stock in pharmaceutical companies, so they have an incentive to tightly regulate the supplement industry (which often provides alternative therapies), and even prevent competing medicines from being approved. Also, the FDA has a vested interest in cultivating the perception of a need for regulation. The FDA cultivates this perception by scaring the public with cases from the supplement industry, and then rushing in to save the day by banning the supplements in question, thus appearing as a hero and reinforcing the perceived importance of the FDA.

Mike: exactly. And furthermore, many of the
bureaucrats that work at the FDA also happen
to work for major pharmaceutical companies
(eg board of directors etc.) Can you say
“conflict of interest?” And despite what some
naive people believe, there has also been some
evidence that FDA bureaucrats have taken
direct bribes to approve harmful drugs, or to
pull supplement information from the market.
(Can you say violation of first amendment?)
And those are only two (of many) abuses the
FDA bureaucrats have engaged in. I reject the
notion that I need some bureaucrats to tell
me what I “may” of “may not” put into my body
in order to “protect” me from myself.

To Bill: I only hope that dickhead DC doesn't try to pull another "heart attack" with Mag-10. If so, perhaps legal action (against him) might be in order...

Perhaps if my advice some time back that
DC should be curbstoned had been followed,
this might have avoided some problems such
as what you mention.

The sad part of this is how much of an ingrate
we’re talking about here. For example, when
he was being raided by the FDA, I happened
to be aware of a kilo of quite illegal substance in his warehouse, but did I inform
the DEA which would have nicely gotten rid
of him? Of course not, that would not have
been a decent thing to do. One would hope such
courtesy would be rewarded but obviously with some people it isn’t, they continue to remain
rabid animals.

Anyway, enough of DC. Just talking about him
tends to lower one’s IQ.

this is one area where i wholeheartedly agree with you, i absolutely believe the fda is in bed with pharmaceutical industry, all they ever do is bitch, whine, complain about, and try to discredit the supplement industry, the fda and pharmaceutical industry never have anything positive to say about the supplement industry, its there eventual goal to make the average person have to get a precsription for something as simple as vitamin c, the pharmaceutical giants also have the power to influence the polticians

Who is DC??? If this is a stupid question please disregard as I had along day at work which tends to fry my one and only brain cell. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ll give you a hint as to who DC is. His company rhymes with Anthrax.

Heheh. Thanks man. I thought it was him but I wasn’t too sure. Like I said I’m tired. It’s Derek right? What’s his last name? :slight_smile:


Bill, I can name over a dozen seperate times
when I knew DC had illegal “intent to
distribute” quantities of powdered “no-no’s”.
I could have handed his sorry ass to the
DEA and Missouri State Police so many times
but did not - cuz ratting is wrong. And to wit, look what he did to us?