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MAG-10 Ban

I’m trying to sell my MAG-10 Legacy off on ebay and they keep dropping my auctions saying it’s a banned substance.
The military is including it as of 20Jan hence the reason I’m selling it, but I did not think it was an official FDA banned substance yet. Does anyone know the skinny on this, is there a drop dead date?

Thanks for the help

It is a banned substance as of 20 jan-though I do not know what you are worried about. The military does Not test for androgens-except in extraordinary circumstances. Way to many of the higher ranks (E6+) use for them to do so, not to mention budgetary restraints. The two main things that are tested for in the standard piss test are pot and meth derivitives. You can test positive for meth using ephedra-I did. The mag is too valuable to waste!

They have anounced it will be included in testing, I know the chances that I will acually be tested for andro are extremely slim, but sitting at 19 years I’m not willing to take even the slimmest chance of throwing my retirement away.

Anyway I’ve been getting +$160 per bottle so at least I made a couple of bucks.

Trust me I know the value of these little pills, I’ve done 10 cycles and had incredible results, I doubt anything legal will ever replace MAG-10

I"ve had the same run in with my 4-AD-EC. After talking to them and waiting a few days to get an email back from them, this is what they said "Hello Aaron,

Thank you for writing with your concern.

These policies are not currently reflected in our policy pages. For
reason, we have sent you the information you’ve needed to avoid policy

It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing eBay."

THIS IS BS! They didn’t send anything with the email. They said they don’t allow it, but its not in their policies. IDIOTS! If you try and sell MAG-10, use 1 day auctions. Its harder to catch them…

Also, in bold letters in your description, put something about this abides by all of Ebay’s policis and is 100% legal.

I too am affected by this recent change and it sucks, a lot.

Having experience with being on the Urinalysis team I cannot see how they are going to be testing for androgens and everything else along with what they already test. (THC, Meth, Coke, MDMA, barbituates, and other opium based products). But, they say they’re going to test for juice, so that’s the only real way you can look at it. I’m too close to getting out to screw up everything with a positive drug test.