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Mag-10 Availability in Canada

Hi to all… having just moved back to Canada from the US, I recall reading a few months ago, where people posted their experiences about finding/obtaining Biotest products up in Canada. I’m wondering if Biotest is sold up here. I am specifically interested in purchasing Mag-10, and I live in the Toronto area. If anybody knows where it can be purchased locally, please feel free to drop a line. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

Well, you may be able to find a US online shop to sell it to you at your own risk. The Canadian gov’t has a nasty habit of opening up packages at the border though, and if they open yours, they will keep the Mag-10 for themselves and send you some shit in a silk stocking instead.

They recently opened up my order of Powerdrive at the border. Although they let it go through, they sent it xpresspost and charged me extra shipping. How nice of them to add another $10 to the price of my order. I am so glad they are looking out for my best interests.

I heard that Mag-10 is almost impossible to get in Canada due to their customs people.

Yup. Customs Canada sucks. There was a thread a little while ago about Pacific Nutrition in BC. I think they might sell it.

I think the URL is pacific-nutrition.com. Check out the thread too. Apparently their prices are negotiable.

Lorne. PM me. I know where you can get it.

Hey Kinetix, can you PM me I was wanted to talk to ya about MAg-10 too, i tried to Pm you but could not get it to work!