Mag-10 At Vitamin Shoppe

Yes, its true, Mag-10 is now available at vitamin shoppe for 70$. Just wanted to let all of you guys know.

Where do you live, I live in Georgia and I don’t think we have a Vitamin Shoppe, although I could be wrong… but sounds interesting

Try Massnutrition!!!

check out they have it for 74 dollars and lots of other great deals. CHEAPEST SUPPLEMENTS ON THE NET.

The vitamin shoppe has approx 110 stores on the east coast. Most of them in NY and NJ. Many in PA, as well as the other new england states. It gets sparse below delaware. I think there is like a few below delaware like DC, MD, and one or two in VA. There are 5 florida stores. Soon there will be store a little west as well, like ohio. Anyway- the thing about the vitamin shoppe is that they are way cheaper than GNC. Mag-10 has arrived.

Gents, For those of you in NYC there is a place called Eva’s on W.8th Street that I picked up Mag-10 for $70 and they have plenty in stock. Good luck and happy building!