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MAG-10 at Maximum Dosage

Okay, so each day at the recommended dosing of 9ml of MAG-10 gives 300mg, 150 of both 4AD-ED and A1E and lasts two weeks. I know this is the “recommended” dosing but would going beyond this be any better in terms of results. This 9ml/day dosing gives over 1 gram of both compounds so I would assume that this is the optimum dosage. I look forward to measuring 9 ml precisely each day. I better not spill anything…

I think the FAQ said you measure it with the cap of the bottle. I may pick up an oral syringe myself. I use that with Methoxy-7 and it’s really easy and convenient. I too would like to know what the FAQ meant by gonzo users.

I was wondering if anything has been mentioned about front-loading MAG-10? I don’t believe this issue has been addressed. anybody know?