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Mag-10 as Main Daily Protein Source?


I'm running low on protein as of late, what can yall tell me about using MAG-10 as my main protein source. I would NOT be doing the ANCADONDA protocol or anything like that. Thoughts? Suggestions?


Casein Hydrolysate + leucine = win


MAG-10 is literally fucking magic. You'll be just fine.


Out of curiosity,

When the label says "Leucine Rich" nad "Citrulline Malate",

1) Is it just naturally leucine rich, or added leucine?
2) If its added, is it in the form of the di/tri peptides that the CHY is supposed to be in?
3) Also, how does #2 apply to the citrulline malate?


i asked your first question in the MAG-10 product discussion thread, and mod brian said both were correct. CH has a large amount of leucine compared to other protein sources and there is some added leucine.

sorry i can't help on the 2nd and 3rd though.


The body was meant to get most of its protein from solid food. Im not doubting that MAG-10 is effective. I'm sure its an awesome product, but powdered protein should be an adjunct to a diet rich in animal protein.


For number 1 I think one of the mods mentioned that it was both.


I wasn't very clear on that, sorry. I have an all you can eat meal plan at my college cafeteria and will be getting almost all of my protein from their selection. I was just hoping to get a little bit of extra protein in powder form


What does that even mean?

Chew your meat well enough and you basically get liquid protein. I agree it's good to eat actual meat because it has all sorts of epic nutritional qualities, but once amino acids/peptides are in my gut, my body doesn't give a shit if I got the protein from a bucket or from the farm.


So what's the point of taking a specialized product like MAG-10?


Speed of absorption.