Mag-10 as female libido booster

Hey guys, I’m turning to you juice heads for some good info. Is it safe to give my girlfriend 1 capsule of MAG-10 per day as a libido increaser? Birth control has totally fucked up her libido. I would prefer to just give her 4-ad-ec but she hates the taste of it. Thanks in advance.

If you want your girlfriend to turn into your boyfriend, and grow a bigger clit than your dick, go for it! Let us know how it goes.

Not sure, but would small amounts of Tribex or RedKat be better?

My only advice would be to try it in small amounts for a short period of time and see. There aren’t going to be any major sideeffects from a small amount in a short period of time, and it would allow you to gauge her response to it.

You already asked this question on the steroid forum.

Not a good idea! Her Vitrilization will be her new birth control. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good chance it would cause irreversable facial hair growth…I know a female that used very low dose androsol (4ad) for a short period of time (4 sprays/day for a little over 2 weeks) and abruptly stopped after noticing some facial hair growth…that was over a year ago and she still has a moustache she is dealing with…and saving up for laser treatments.

by the way, I didn’t impliment this regimine yet. She has taken 4-ad-ec at 25mg per day with no side effects for 1 month at a time.

Dawg, I understand what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to increase T levels and thus libido in your girlfriend. There’s nothing wrong with doing so, but it’s better left to a doctor who can test hormone levels and bring levels up to high normal.

Without a doctor, the potential for irreversible NEGATIVE side effects is very real. If it were your girlfriend doing the research and making the decision, and if she were fully aware of the potential side effects and was willing to take the chance, I would have no problem with it. Her body, her informed choice.

But your suggesting/recommending it to her without her fully realizing the potential side effects is irresponsible and selfish. I imagine you love this woman. Would you slip Ecstasy or GHB into her drink without her knowing about it? It’s not much different.

Please, please, please rethink this one, Dawg. Chemically altered women are not attractive, and there’s just no way to tell what sub-threshhold dosing is in any given female.

she is well aware of all the side effects. she has agreed to go on 4-ad-ec again, she responds well to that and with no side effects.

You could also take the MAG 10 yourself and pack on some more mass. This may increase her libido. :slight_smile:

I agree with Tampa-Terry

BUT, if she is cool with 4-AD-EC, it would be a whole lot cheaper to go with androstenedione, the original stuff–becomes estrodiol in men, but in women it converts to testosterone

probably best to try one of the variations that increases bioavailability

still, I agree with TT


Or just slip some winny in her protein shakes (an inside joke for you long-time posters).

Brider could you get Mr. Francis to do that? :wink:

get her to take some viagra (i’m not joking)

Geezus, just feed her some steaks.

Mmmm…a big meal of red meat does it for me all the time. :slight_smile:

Oh, what’s her diet like? I can get rather slothful (even the libido) if I’ve been consuming alot of carbs. Especially right before bedtime.

and no one here has mentioned Yohimbine? jeez…that stuff sends me thru the damn roof. i drive my partner insane during fatloss cycles…

How would yohimbine increase sex drive in women?

women aren’t exempt from the effects of yohimbine. in the beginning the supp industry decided not to market it towards women b/c they felt it “inappropriate”. viagra works with some women also.

Yohimbine bitartrate particularly affects nerves and changes blood flow regulators in the genital area. The medical texts never mention that it does the same thing to women, showing a typical disregard for female erection.

doing a bit of copy/pasting there. i did alot of reading on it last year but don’t take my word for it…just give it to yer girl :wink:

Women sometimes get injections of 60 mg test every few weeks for libido problems. Granted this is under the supervision of a doctor, but I doubt one capsule of Mag 10 is going to cause your girlfriend to become a hairy musclebound clit monster.

Scrub, what does that dose of T work out to in Mg. per week?