MAG-10 as female libido booster

Hey guys, I’m turning to you juice heads for some good info. Is it safe to give my girlfriend 1 capsule of MAG-10 per day as a libido increaser? Birth control has totally fucked up her libido. I would prefer to just give her 4-ad-ec but she hates the taste of it. Thanks in advance.

My original numbers in the post were incorrect, which is probably why the all knowing, all powerful moderators deleted them :slight_smile: 33.33mg 4adec and 16.67mg a1e

A1-E aka 1-Testosterone actually has the unfortunate effect of decreasing libido in men, not increasing it. I think most people would agree that plain ol’ testosterone is the best libido enhancer in both females and males. Although I would be super careful about administering any kind of androgen in females.

Tribex/red-kat would probably quite effective for females and I think I’ve read about methoxy-7 increasing sex drive in women also. BTW yohimbe seems to help in some women I’ve delt with in terms of sensitivity. Hope that helps, if no try foreplay. LOL.

i appreciate the feedback, I guess I’ll post this again in the off topic section or something since im looking for more information since I am hardly an expert.