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Mag 10??? answers

Hey Guys,

I am thinking of going on a cycle of Mag 10,is there anyone out there who has given it a go and can tell me how well it worked for them. i will be doing the Mag 10 plan for success


Hey, Tokman, I see you’re new to T-Mag. Welcome!!!

Mag-10’s been 'round awhile. There was even an article in this week’s online edition; “This Week’s Issue.”

If you want real-life results (good and bad), use the search engine to the left of your screen and type in Mag-10. You’ll get screen after screen of users’ results.

Happy reading!!!

Don’t be surprised if not that many people answer this, you see Mag10 has been around for a couple of years now and has generated hundreds of threads since then…

Mag-10 works! Plain and simple, those that don’t gain a lot are messing up somehwere, probably not eating enough, etc…

Do a search in the T-forums, for “mag-10” “mag-10 results” or “mag-10 gains” etc.

Most people gain anywhere from 5-18+ lbs. depending on the length of the cycle and other variables.

Just make sure you follow the “Mag-10 Plan for Success.” Do NOT miscalculate the diet part! Get plenty of protein.

And take measurements: weight, body fat, body measurements. You’ll want to know.

also dont be afraid of bumpoing up the training frequency. i pretty much trained 6 days a week doing a three day rotation, meaning each body p[art get 4 workouts while “on”

hey guys,

quite obvious that i am new to T-Mag but there is shedload of godd info here and thanks for pointers. i will be following the MAg10 plan for successs and will hopeful get back to you guys with some good results