Mag-10/Androsol for strength

Hey there everyone, I have a question about Mag-10 and Androsol relating to strength without gaining any size. I remember a while back that Bill Roberts had mentioned Androsol being effective as a neurological stimulant, as far as strength is concerned. Androsol and Mag-10 seem to give strength gains along with their size gains but could they increase strength without having to increase calories and therefore size? As far as Mag-10 compares to Androsol in this regard which gives the most neurological bang? I’m currently using power drive along with creatine and caffein but I was wondering if either of these will help. Thanks in advance.

come on guys is this such a bad question??? I can’t find anything on this in the search engine

Yes, but there’s only so much that
a given trained individual can increase
strength without also increasing size.

What I mean is, say you’ve been training
well and consistently for years, and
have gotten your bench (for the cliche
example of strength) gradually up to
say 255 lb.

You certainly might with androgen use
get it up to say 365 with time, but there
is no way you will ever bench 365 with
your arms, chest, and shoulders remaining
identical in size and appearance to what
they were beforehand.

Staying the same size and body composition,
you might gain 10% strength or something like that before strength gains would be impossible
without size increases.

MAG-10 and Androsol are probably equally
effective as CNS stimulants.

Hey, thanks for the response Bill. I was sitting her trying to figure out if I was unclear because of the lack of response or whatever. The strength-to-size issue is more of an ideal I would like to reach for, than something that I have to attain. Thanks again for the response!!!