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Mag 10, andro

Hi, I got a free bottle of Mag 10,androsol,and nandrosol For my birth day from a friend. I dont take alot of suppliments but i do workout alot and friend said this would help. I just turned 19 and im still in high school, playing baseball right now. How should i take this stuff, Should i take this stuff, or Im i too young.
ps. I allso have a bottle 4 diol by prolab Any help , thanks

Are these supplements banned by your high school baseball league? That is something to consider. You also need to read up on all of these supplements by reading “the supplement roundup”, “The Pro-Steroid Roundtable” - issue #178 at T-mag; “The MAG-10 FAQ” - issue #179; “The MAG-10 Plan for Success” - issue #190. Are you still growing? Do you use a food log? How is your diet? Is it clean? Have you read through Massive Eating, the Essential Berardi, Foods that make you look good nekid, and the FAQ. Don’t take this stuff until you know how to train and eat on the stuff. Don’t take it if it banned by high school athletics. That’s all for now. Read up and ask any other questions that you are curious about.