Mag 10 and your thoughts

Hi everyone I am a new guy to this forum. I have been working out for about 4 years I am 21. I’ve tried the original creatine, protein, cytovol, and other legal products. My friend and I just ordered the 2 get one free bottles of Mag 10. We are both around 160 lbs. and in good shape. We were wondering what a group of experts would think about us taking it. Would there be anything for us to worry abou? Is the a suggested cycle we should follow? And last but not least are there any kinds of safe stacks we could take along with this?

thanks alot for all your time!!!

yes mag-10 is worth a try and if you have any dought check out the support group on the forum you should follow the mag-10 plan for success on the biotest web page just click the mag-10 bottle in the corner to go there. other than that I would search through old t-mag issues on the web and follow the massive eating program for the cycle.and lastly try the biotest rcomended stack of mag-10/m/tribex first before you go to crazy.