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MAG-10 and your routines.....

Does anyone have any input on how to change your routines and diets to maximize gains in mass while using mag 10. I dont really care about body fat. I consider myself a hard gainer, and im considering eating 6000 cal. a day for the first Mag 10 cycle. I know 6k cal is alot but ive had that many before for a few weeks, without adding all that much fat, its just a fucking lot of food. I realize Mag 10 hasnt come out yet, but and educated guess/opinion would be great, thanks

how many cals are you eating now? my advice would be to slowly increase cals before you cycle and not do it all at once. For example, two weeks prior to Mag-10 increase daily caloric intake 250 cals from maintenance, the next week increase another 250 cals, first week of Mag-10 eat 750 cals (another 250 increase) above maintenance, and the remaining weeks eat 1000 cals above maintenance. Adjust cals during cycle to meet your body’s increased caloric needs (if you gain weight you’ll need more cals). This is just my opinion based from my own experience. You’ll also need to eat above maintenanace for a few weeks post-cycle to keep your gains.