MAG-10 and Workouts

Got a bottle of MAG-10 and had a few questions. I’ve been reading all the articles and threads on it I can but still had a few Q’s. Here are some stats first.

5’ 10", 180 and training for 2 years. I dieted from 210 down to 155 several years ago and have since built myself up to the current weight.

The “MAG-10 plan for success” article pretty much gave me a good guideline of what to do nutritionally, but as far as the training they say to :

“Increase the intensity, volume, and frequency”

Well… That seems like one of those non-recommendation recommendations. You know, “Increase EVERYTHING”. I currently work out 4 days a week on an Upper/Lower split and am getting good strength gains(and subsequent size gains).

So my main questions are:

1 - Is my current plan optimal while using this supplement, and if not what would a good recommendation be. I figure its either gonna be HSS-100 style(5 day split, high intensity, low frequency) or Quattro Dynamo style (4 days full body, medium intensity and high frequency)

2 - What kind of program and size gains did YOU use and see?

If I’m not mistaken there was even a plan written which included hitting the gym twice a day on a MAG-10 cycle.

Map out any imbalances you have, so you can make sure to work those areas and not simply leave them further behind.

Heh, sleep, eat, hit the gym, repeat… if it isn’t sore, it’s ready to go. Do it right and expect >5 lbs.

Edit: I’m lowballing the gains, but it depends on how trained you are, whether you’ve used MAG-10 before, etc.

If you are not sure what to do, maybe you should just give the MAG-10 to me. Better to be safe than sorry.

[quote]Helga wrote:
If you are not sure what to do, maybe you should just give the MAG-10 to me. Better to be safe than sorry.[/quote]

I had actually thought about that.

The only reason I’m asking is that there are SO MANY recommendations on what to do with a supplement like this I was just wondering what has worked for other people.

My schedule is actually very open, So the 2-a-days isnt out of the question.

I’m also not going to use this supplement until I hit around 190 or so, I was just getting curious for when I do use it.