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I was considering using some weightgainers for my next mag-10 cycle in order to meet up with my calorie intakes. I was considering Prolab’s N Large 2 this stuff is said to contain, 52 Grams protein, 86 grams Carbs and 620 calories per serving how is that. Please help somebody, anybody; i think i am a hardgainer so this should help a little bit

There’s a good homemade weight gainer recipe in T-mag’s “Shake it Up” article.

That has somewhat more carbs for amount of protein than I’d prefer for just general
use during the day (for 52 g protein I’d want
more like 62 g carbs) but if you like the product you certainly could use it, and postworkout those extra carbs wouldn’t be a problem.

You could instead use a protein powder product, and then have bread or whatever as your source of carbs.

I always figured most of the weightgain shakes out there were buckets of sugar… I tried that Dorian Yates Mass Building Formula a few weeks ago. Thats some good stuff right there. It tastes nice, and its pretty dense. 84 carb, 42 pro in a serving of the powder… I mixed mine with milk for the extra cals.

For a weight gainer, it tastes like mule fodder. It’s not that hard to make 86g of sugar taste good, but somehow prolab failed. I haven’t used any weight gainers in a while, but if I were to use one I would go with Serious Mass…cant remember the company. They include some casein in the protein blend and it tastes good.

At first, I did not really like the taste of N-Large, but I found that I had to mix it up in a fairly small amount of water. For instance, I would mix a full serving of N-Large with about 16oz of water and I thought it tasted pretty good. On the other hand, I can mix only one scoop of Surge in 32oz of water and it still tastes great.

i dont think i am a hard gainer. i know i am. my strenth is always great, its trying to get bigger that was the problem. my quick bulking shake is 2 scoops whey, 2caps olive oil and a cup of oatmeal. i have 4 a day plus other meals and snacks and now i am putting the weight on! there are other recipes out there but this one costs next to nohting.
good luck,