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Mag-10 and Training Twice a day

The weather is terrible here…I have been inside for the larger part of the day. Due to my excessive “free” time I devised a training program for my up coming Mag-10 cycle. I would really appreciate some critiques and ideas on if this will work. This would be much easier to read if I knew how to use html. Please bear with me until I become a bit more computer literate.

I am twenty years old, 6’1, weigh 190lbs at 12% bodyfat. I will be eating anywhere from 3600-3700 (40/30/30) calories per day, taking 3 fish oil capsules with each meal. The only other supplements other than Mag-10 I plan to use are basic antioxidants (C and E), a multi-vitamin, and Surge as my postworkout drink. I am looking to add a substantial amount of LBM with this cycle. I will be training twice a day. The morning session will consists of heavy weight, low reps (5 x 2-4). The night session will consist of higher reps at a lower intensity (5 x 10-12); giving me a total of 10 sets per body part per week. Keep in mind that I am only going to train this way for two weeks, these two weeks are Christmas break. I plan to train, eat, sleep and then eat some more. What are the thoughts on overtraining? Let me have it folks, I want to have this thing perfected before I start.

Hey Justin, whattup?!
To your question on overtraining: I think as long as you’re eating enough during this two week period, you should be okay. I kinda have this “what the hell” attitude - if you’re eating enough quality food, and feel up to this - than “what the hell”
However, could you provide us with a bit more detail on the program here? For instance, what exercises and when?

Justin, I wouldn’t be too concerned about overtraining while on Mag-10. I’ve used it in the past and can tell you from personal experience that your recovery time will be shifted into warp speed, especially if you are using Surge during and after your workouts. I too will probably be doing a Mag-10 cycle over Christmas break. It’s the perfect time to focus solely on training without the stress of classes and tests.

You may want to consider using an MRP or protein powder to fulfill your caloric requirements as it is sometimes difficult to get all your calories from whole food sources (due to being full all the time). Make sure you have some Tribex-500 handy after your cycle to help solidify your gains. M and Methoxy are also good to have.

Be consistent with your eating, sleeping and training and you’ll be huge when classes start up again!!

I am just finishing my 2 week Mag10 and Massive Eating cycle this weekend and you and I are about the same size, though I started at 7% bodyfat, and now I am at 10%, but have added at least 8 pounds, I feel huge. Anyway, based on my expereince, at 3600-3700 calories, you will not even be hitting yor maintenance needs for calories. Use the formula provided in the Appetite for Growth articles, and I think you will find, since you and I are about the same size, that you will need to consume over 5000 calories per day. That is what I have been doing, and I still feel cut even at 10% bf now, which I hope to trim down in the recovery 2 weeks.

I agree with the previous post, you need to eat a lot more. 3600 to 3700 calories is maybe maintenance for a guy at your weight,height and age. I am 38 years old, 5’ 6", weigh 198, 15 % BF, not using any Mag 10 or anything like that. I eat 3300 calories average everday and do not gain weight at that. According to the Mag 10 plan for success you need to eat at least a 1000 calories above maintenance everyday.

I had been thinking about about bumping the calories up a bit close to Massive Eating guidlines. I really don’t want to add too much bodyfat during the cycle. With all the raves about EDT, I am thinking that I may be better off using EDT with my Mag-10 cycle. Opinions?