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MAG-10 and the Velocity Diet

Quick question for Cy. I’m starting a slightly modified version of the velocity diet that CS introduced a while back and I’d like to add MAG-10 Legacy to the mix during the diet for a little bit of extra anabolic help.

My plan is to reduce the intake to 5 pills a day (3 in AM and 2 in PM), then take every third day off from MAG-10. I’d like to repeat this pattern for the entire 30 days that i’m on the diet.

Any concerns doing this? A normal does of MAG-10 says to not use for more than two weeks, but that’s a continuous dose of 10 pills / day.

Any advice you have to offer will be greatly appreciated.


I’m not Cy, but I’m going to guess that a properly followed Velocity Diet will be very effective at eliminating fat and retaining muscle as is.

Why waste MAG-10 on anything short of a serious mass building phase?

You can diet down as often as you like, but unless you have boatloads of MAG-10 stashed away you’ll run out and lose the bulking advantage it represents.

Suggestion, use MAG-10 for what it does best… and spend more time dieting if you absolutely have to.

Well, my stash isn’t that big…

I got the idea from the T-Dawg 2.0 diet. It mentioned using prohormones to ensure an anabolic environment even while dieting.

I’m experimenting a bit here and just wanted some advice on whether or not i’d be risking anything by using MAG-10 over the course of a month instead of just two weeks.

If it’s not the wisest use of MAG-10, that’s ok, i’ll just add that to the things I learn during this experiment.


I don’t think anyone is going to tell you anything different from what vroom said. As long as you follow the guidelines of the V-Diet and are taking HOT-ROX I doubt you will lose any muscle unless your cardio consists of running 5 miles a day. In which case that’s just your own stupid fault. :wink:

well, it’s not 5 miles everyday, but it was 5 miles today consisting of:

1 mile warm up @ 11:00 pace
4x 1/2 mile @ 8:00 min pace w/ 1/4 recovery @ 16:00 pace
1 mile cool down at 10:30 pace

I’m more of a heavy runner than a running weight lifter, if that makes sense.

oh, and i’m not taking HOT-ROX – one of the modifications i’m trying is to do the diet with items / supplements i already have access to.

i’ll report back on my progress; probably in the velocity diet support forum.


Well, if you aren’t actually doing the Velocity Diet, using the supplements that were intended to make it workable, then you probably don’t need to log your progress in the V-Diet thread…

…since it will have nothing to do with results that should be expected if you were to follow it!

OK. I can see now that the Velocity Diet is protected from modification. So, i’ll call my diet something else.

Thanks for the help and suggestions.