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Mag 10 and the Renegade

Alright guys. Im planning on doing a Mag 10 cycle and doing renegade training. my question is about nutrition. I dont want to gain a load of weight, instead i want to gain maybe 5lbs of muscle and loose some fat (Im at 13% currently) im fairly sure the training will take care of that, but how do i eat? Do i shoot for the 400g protein a day and then lower the other totals? I know Bill Roberts says that fat intake doesnt need to be as high when ‘on’. Anyone got any ideas? Bill? Has anyone done a Mag 10 cycle with renegade training? Any feedback would be great guys. Cheers. Fortius.

Which Renegade training program are you planning on using? I would imagine with most renegade programs you could quite easily get to 10% bf with a slight increase in muscle without dieting,without taking mag-10, and by just eating big and clean.