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Mag-10 and Testosterone Levels

Has anyone any idea what effect Mag-10 has on testosterone levels? If I were to have my T tested, what would I realistically expect to see?? My test was ok for my age (51) at like 550 total. (on a good day)

I did look around in the threads on Mag-10, but was suprised to see no one had mentioned this. I am just beginning a cycle, but don’t feel like I have increased t…

Aside from that, does any know if HGC/Clomid increase T, and keep it elevated?


It depends on the individual but MAG-10
really does not raise T levels much. That’s
not how it works. Whatever increase may
occur falls more into the category of
a very minor additional activity.

It works via the activities of 4-AD
and androst-1-ene themselves.

If Mag-10 doesn’t increase T levels, than why cycle after with M and Tribex?
(I’m just asking to learn, not to disagree with the recommendation).

The reason to cycle with M and tribex after a mag 10 cycle is because even though the 1-test and 4-AD don’t increase testosterone levels that much they still mimick some of testosterone’s action in the body and over time the body could respond by decreasing it’s own production of testosterone.

Any fellow Canadians have experience with using just “Testostrogain” after a Mag 10 cycle?..I can’t find M up here anywhere (Calgary)…of course my first order of Mag10 was “sent back to sender” and has been re-shipped (I hope it gets through…God forbid a Canadian wants to take a supplement…liberal bast***s…that’s a whole other rant, I guess…)


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Cupcake: I hear you, I live in T.O. and would love to try the new prohormones but the prices here are crazy. You can find stores selling stuff like Mag-10, 1-AD, but they’re asking $200 per bottle and ordering it from the U.S. is too risky. However, you should be able to find M, as it is legal in Canada. If you have no luck just look for a product called Vitex. Most health shops carry this, usually in the female/pms area. Try to get the Solaray Vitex(Bill Roberts’ recommendation) and take 1 upon waking, it’s basically the same active ingredient found in M.

Thanks Loop…will do!

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I am currently taking 10 grams androgel on a continual basis to bring my T levels to high end normal.
I want to try Mag-10.
Is it necessary to cycle with M and tribex after a mag 10 cycle, if I am currently using 10 grams Androgel?


Cupcake, I get my M through SND Canada for dirt cheap. I don’t thknk I’ve seen it in the shops in Calgary, here, though. I keep pestering them to carry more Biotest.

vm…no, you don’t need to cycle tribex/m as it will not boost T back to normal while on the androgel which will probably inhibit T more so than the Mag-10.