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mag-10 and tesosterone increase

I have read some studies that claim that 15%
of a dose of androstendiol can convert to test,
with the limitation being enzymes necessary for
the conversion. With this new formula where the
androstendiol remains active for over 24 hours
you would think that you could get a fair amount of conversion to test.

Well, say you get 15% conversion. Now,
that figure was probably derived from
a relatively small dose, and higher
doses might give no more total amount
of conversion because at some point the
enzyme will be saturated – the limiting
factor is amount of enzyme, not amount
of 4-AD. But let’s say you do get your

Well, 4-AD is equally potent as testosterone.
So, if 85% doesn’t convert and 15% does, then 85% of the work is being done by 4-AD, and
15% by the testosterone coming from conversion.
In other words, the conversion is a minor contributor.

I don’t think anyone has ever recorded
an increase in testosterone of more than
about 400 ng/dL no matter how much 4-AD
was supplied. For example, Androsol kicks
4-AD levels up to over 3000 ng/dL but the
resultant increase in testosterone is only 300-400 ng/dL.

So basically, I look at the conversion as a relatively minor secondary benefit. This would be true for MAG-10 as well.