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Mag-10 and T recovery

Any results yet from any ongoing study concerning the actual inhibition of the HPTA from Mag-10 use? I’m hoping the A1E component is also as non-suppressive as the 4AD component and that the combination is as mild to the HPTA as Primobolan is. If this is the case, then longer cycles on can be realized without worrying too much about recovery. Heck, the method of using Clomid while on ala the Primo + Clomid stack could then be used with little or no suppression issues.

There isn’t a definitive answer to that yet but the data we have are indicating suppression during use (as would be expected really.) So I would continue to assume that MAG-10 at label dose is suppressive while being used, and therefore should be cycled as recommended.

Now, it may be that at a dosing no more effective than 400 mg/week Primo, MAG-10 is no more suppressive. That would be a nice thing to find out, if so, and it is something we’d like to determine.