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Mag 10 and T-Dawg 2.0

I am going to embark on the T-Dawg 2.0 diet and Mag-10 cycle.

I wanted to do T-Dawg for about 4 weeks.
So my 2 question are…

1.Should I take Mag-10 for 4 straight weeks or just the first 2 weeks and then no Mag-10 for the second two weeks?

  1. When you calculate your calories for the T-Dawg…
    Do you go by lean body weight or total body weight? There is a significant difference.

I planned on doubling the dose for the first 2 weeks. My main goal is to drop a significant amount of fat in a short period of time without sacrificing muscle and possibly adding a little.

Any recommendations?

Using Mag10 for cutting? Have you looked at Cy Willson’s Steriod Dieting from issue 189? Gives a pretty straight forward diet set-up for using Steriods AND Pro-Hormones (he specifically mentions using Mag-10 as the Pro-Hormone of choice). Here’s the link: http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/189ster.html

Thanks Madman.

Unfortunately I don’t think that Cy gave a length of time on the diet with Mag10 though.

Did I miss it?

What were your results like when you followed this?

I’d be interested in anyone’s experience using the Steroid Diet as well.

I’m not convinced that I want to use up my MAG-10 on a diet, but if the diet works significantly faster (and better) than a regular keto diet, then I’d probably go with it. I still have plenty of good years to pack on the muscle naturally. I’m more concerned with coming off my winter bulk w/o losing muscle. It’d be a shame to lose too much strength and muscle after finally getting my lifts to a respectable level.

You’re right, it doesn’t appear that he mentions a length of time for the diet (although I would venture a guess as that is should be as long as the Cycle that you’re following).

I haven’t tried this diet, yet. I came across it while doing my own research into Mag 10. I do plan on doing it very soon, after I am able to get some Tribex and M. I am planning on using it for 4 weeks, because of the calorie testriction.

So are you planning on the normal 2 week on cycle of Mag10 or is it safe to take it for 4 weeks?

Alright! Alright!
My last question…

Will I see greater fat loss if my daily 100g’s of carbs are…

A) All post workout


B) Take 50g’s at breakfast and 50g’s post workout?

Thanks everyone.

You’d probably feel better and do better at the gym with some morning carbs in you. Good time to get fiber too. You wouldn’t want too much fiber post-training as it would “slow” the protein. I would spend half of those morning carbs on fiber when on a low carb diet.

Mag-10 is absolutely for cutting. I am using it now. Currently starting week 7. Used Mag-10 the first two weeks, using in weeks 7 & 8 and every 6 weeks thereafter till done. Body weight has gone from 233 to 218 this AM. God only knows how much fat is gone. M10 makes it a lot easier to keep the poundages up during workouts. Diet is modified TD 2.0 I go lighter on the carbs and take a lot of Omega 3s via salmon and flax oil.

Myself I’m planning on the two week cycle of Mag 10 followed by the Tribex/M cycle. I have read of others experiences where they have used Mag 10 for 4 weeks, but I think that they used half the normal dosage. I’m sure that there is someone that has used it at full dose for 4 weeks.