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MAG-10 and Surge Workout Fuel

Was wondering if anyone has used just MAG-10 and Surge Workout Fuel during their workouts? Im in college and money is tight still so I cant afford the ANACONDA too. I was thinking something like 3 scoops of both mixed in with some creatine. Just wondering what everyone thought of that

Works great. All you miss out on is the creatine derivative in ANACONDA.

This is my pre-wo staple. For some reason I cannot stomache ANACONDA and lift with max intesity, I puke everytime. I don’t have this problem with Surge Workout Fuel/MAG-10/creatine-mh for some reason.

Awesome. Thanks for the replies

This is my peri-workout setup as well. I’ve been playing around with different combinations:

  1. 1 scoop of each prior, during and after
  2. 1.5 scoops Surge Workout Fuel prior, 1.5 of both during, and 1.5 MAG-10 after
  3. 3 scoops Surge Workout Fuel prior, 1 scoop MAG-10 during, 1 scoop MAG-10 after

I’m still not sure what I like the best just yet, but I’m leaning towards #2

How do other people work out their peri-workout servings?

I use SWF and MAG-10 as well. Usually I do 1.5 scoops of each, seems to be the sweet spot for me. If I only use those two I will have about half pre and then drink the rest during my workout.

There are some days when I know I will be doing more volume, or if my calories have been low, I will use recovery as well. On those days I finish the swf/MAG-10 mix pre and then have my recovery with a scoop of MAG-10 right before I start. I do usually leave a little of the recovery mix to have during my workout as a little boost towards the end.

That looks more complicated than it really is.