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Mag-10 and Steroid Diet!

First off yes I searched for the answers! :wink:

Its time to get drastic with the cutting. So i have decided to do the Steroid diet with Mag-10, I have 2 bottles sitting here in front of me.

I was just wanting to know if I should stick with 1 serving a day, or if doing 2 servings a day would be more benificial?

Any other advice would be welcome aswell!!


Hi, 454SS!!!

Mag-10 is better saved for bulking. It was intended to be used two weeks on, two weeks off. 4-AD-EC is the better bet for severe cutting. It’s one of the two prohormones in Mag-10, and it can be used for longer duration (6 to 8 weeks before cycling off). It’s cheaper, too.

If you’re dead set on using the Mag-10, one dose should do the job you want done; i.e., preserve LBM.

4-ad-ec works well for preserving LBM when dieing, but not when on a severe diet, such as Steroid Dieting or the Cheaters Diet; the level of calorie restriction is too severe. Having said that, one serving a day should suffice.

TT, if you get a chance, shoot me an email as I have been meaning to contact you but lost your address.

Take care,


so joel what you are saying is just use Mag-10 for 1 serving a day then?

Thanks Terry and Joel for the help!

I would do the Mag-10. Ive done the exact same thing as you have planned- Mag-10 along with steroid dieting and it worked superbly. Never tried it with 4AD, but i tried it with Androsol and it didnt work quite as well.

With all due respect, TT, I dont see why Mag-10 is “only for bulking”. Nor do I see it as a product that cant be used for 8 weeks at a time or even a bit longer than that. Sure, recovery time may be a bit longer than if you did the 2on/2off (or used 4AD), but you’ll be just fine…

Yes, and you really should think about incorporating some periodic overfeeding into the program, ala CD/EDT or just CD. This approach has worked much better for individuals on very severe calorie restricted diets.


Thanks for the info , Starting it today!!!