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Mag-10 and sleep cycle

I have finished my first 2-week cycle of MAG-10 and I must say I am very impressed. Definitely the most productive supplement I ever took. The problem is I cannot sleep. The problem started about halfway thru the cycle and progressively got worse. It continues now even though the cycle is over. I cannot sleep 1 out of every 2 nights. The only reason I sleep the second night is that I didn’t sleep the first night and I am completely exausted. I feel this is most counterproductive to taking the supplement as I feel all my gains are out the window due to the lack of recovery while sleeping. Anybody got any suggestions for me? I’ve taken ZMASS, melatonin, valerian root and have even resorted to over-the-counter sleep aids. None work! I have ordered some “Sleep Tight” tabs and we’ll see if adding 5HTP to the mix helps. Any help would be most appreciated. This stuff is awesome but I’ve got to sleep!

You know, I experienced the same problem. I was able to sleep after about an hour or so of tossing and turning. The thing was though, I didn’t have too much of a problem waking up in the morning. But now that I’ve been of for almost two weeks, it’s bee a bitch to wake up and go lift. I think maybe that it’s the second dose that you take later on in the day that keeps you up. I’ll see what happens when I start again in 3 days.

I didn’t sleep as much when on MAG-10 either, but the thing is, I didn’t NEED to sleep as much. I would wake up refreshed after 6-7 hours. Gained 12 pounds so a little less sleep wasn’t hurting me too much! Can’t wait to hit it again next week!

How long has it been since you have been off mag-10? If it’s been over a couple days I would say that you are overtrained. I would take a week off (don’t worry your gains won’t disappear, but they will if you don’t start to get some sleep soon), and then ease back into it. Mag-10 does give you an “edge” in recovery and training, but it doesn’t eliminate overtraining. On a side note, are you related to me? Seriously. I live in Kansas, you?

Davo 6-7 hours a night for me would be awesome. I’d kill for that kind of sleep on a nightly basis. I know that 9-10 is ideal but I haven’t gotten that much sleep in one night since my first child was born over 3 years ago. An average night for me would have been 7-8 before all this trouble.

I agree with Jay that the second dose later in the day is probably the culprit but overall this stuff just seems to make an animal out of you and your body just doesn’t know when to quit. I sometimes still feel juiced at 4:00pm from my morning dose. The first 2 week cycle felt like 1 week. I love this stuff.

I’ve never felt like I overtrained but its possible. Before mag-10 I rarely had trouble sleeping except after some heavy leg workouts assisted by ephedrine. However, this is a good point and after a 3 day layoff (from working out) I am sleeping better (still haven’t got the guts to stop taking the sleeping pills tho).

Kent I don’t think we’re immediate relatives but with the same last name we might share some blood from a couple of forks up the tree.

Have you ever tried Kava-Kava? I have tried everything-from tylenol and exedrin pm to melatonin. Kava seems to be the only one that I wake up without a sleep"hangover". I take 2 tablets befoe bed…(Zmass was great for gains, but it actually kept me up…