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Mag-10 and sex drive?

Tomarrow is the end of my first 2 week Mag-10 “cycle”. And man I have no sex drive. Is this a known side effect? I mean I can get it up with some effort, but it’s just not mentally stimulating as it used to be. I’m starting Tribex on Monday, I hear that makes you an animal in the sack (or in the hand /cough) so hopefully that will fix this. So odd, talking to my GF and she’s being all nasty and dirty and I’m just sitting there nodding my head.

MAG-10 is a stack of two ingredients. One of them is known to increase sex drive and one can lower it in some people (which may be one reason Biotest doesn’t sell that ingredient by itself).

Most using MAG-10 notice an increase in sex drive or they just stay the same. Sounds like you may be one of the few who get a decrease in sex drive… or it could have nothing to do with MAG-10.

Example: you know to bust ass in the gym while on MAG-10 so you do and maybe overdo it, get overtrained and guess what one sign of overtraining is? Decreased sex drive. Or maybe you used MAG-10 while reducing carbs - reduce them too much and that could also zap sex drive.

So, in other words, could be the MAG-10 or could have been other things. I’d say on average most report a slight increase in sex drive when on the stack in MAG-10, while almost all get a really big increase in sex drive while only taking 4-AD-EC. Lots of factors involved though.

You should be fine by adding the Tribex, regardless of cause, but if you think it might be overtraining or diet, take a couple of extra days off and eat up.

Don’t think it’s carbs. I was on T-dog 2.0 but when I started the Mag-10 I also started Massive Eating. So I’m getting lots more carbs. Not sure about overtraining, I’ve been on OVT for two weeks, prior to that I was on EDT. I don’t feel overtrained. Hmm.