Mag-10 and roid rage

Quick question, I do in fact believe that so called “roid rage” is the product of guys just having an excuse to an asshole while on steroids, but you say with Mag-10 there are none of the side effects, but you didn’t mention increased aggression, just curious.

If the article actually says “none of the side effects” anywhere then that is an oversight. It is supposed to say, and to my recollection does say, “no estrogen or DHT side effects.”

The 4-AD-EC component does increase tendency
towards aggression. Not in a manner you can’t
control, but so far as impulses and tendency, sure.

On re-reading the article, no, we never
said “no side effects.” For example,
androgens will always be virilizing
to women, and 4-AD-EC does indeed
have the side effect of possibly
increasing aggression. There are
specific side effects we avoided,
and those are the worst ones. Namely,
estrogen and DHT side effects. That’s
what the article is saying.

Buff, did you want an excuse to be an     A-hole or what?

This is an interesting turn of events. I’m still in.

I always thought roid rage was BS, just an excuse for an asshole to act like a bigger asshole…

Roid rage does, in fact, exist but not for the “normal” person. If a person is on the edge to begin with, roids may push him over. If he mentally balanced to begin with, the “agression” brought on by steroids will barely be felt and will not be a factor in his behavior. I am not sure, however, how virility may impact a woman’s social behavior.

From my direct observation as I have known man who have used them. It is totally dependant on their temperment. Some seem not to change at all others get phsychotic/as stated though they were usually not all there to begin with. Wow hope that was clear as mud.

in my understanding it also depends on the compound as well as the persons phsycological profile some are made to make you more agressive like say methyltest.

In my experience with tren I felt “roid irritability” never rage. I suppose some roids are worse than others though.

I’m getting pretty pissed off just hearing about it.

I’ve had a bit of roid rage and you can indeed change from a nice guy to an asshole.

i’ve deffinetly experienceds the cns properties fo 4-ad ,just ask my last girlfriend who i spazzed out on.

i just don’t know, i already suffer from post-nap rage, where i rage on whoever wakes me up from my nap…

i think it has more to do with your tendencies to begin with. kinda like alcohol. some people when they become intoxicated just kinda mellow out while others who are living life on the edge to begin with tend to become real dicks. just my thoughts. kevo