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Mag-10 and other prohormones

I’m considering doing a cycle of Mag-10 or another prohormone, and I was wondering if people could post their results. Mag-10 is very expensive over here in the UK, but there are some other products (one from AST in particular) that I can get for about half the price. Can anyone recommend any other prohormone products that actually work?


I don’t think you’ll get much feedback because this subject has been talked to death on this forum. The overwhelming message is that MAG-10 works as advertised. Run a search and you’ll see. In my opinion, the only prohormones worth using are MAG-10, 4-AD-EC (part of MAG-10 but also sold separately) and Androsol if you can still find it (4-AD-EC replaced it.) AST is cheaper because it sucks. Beware cheap andros, they could be using the older forms and that means gyno.

you get what you pay for.