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Mag 10 and one a days-Bill et. al?

This is for Bill or any of the T-staff…I did search the Support Group post but couldn’t find a clear answer. You have stated that Mag-10 works optimally with twice per day training. I am planning on just once per day with Staley’s Convergent Phase training. My question is: approximately how much would that scale down the results? And have we come to a conclusion yet on how much better (or is it better) two doses versus one is? Thanks in advance.


i think you will still get damn good results as long as you eat right and train hard. i wouldn’t worry too much about it. if you can’t make the time for training 2x a day just make the most out of your 1 training session. also, what made you choose convergent phase over EDT. i think a modified EDT program where you do maybe 3 muscle groups a day for 5 or 6 days a week, rather then 2 for 4 days a week would be awesome for gaining mass on a 2 week cycle. it all depends on what your going for though.

Nic, thanks a bunch for replying…I’ve been getting frustrated as I’ve asked about this in two different posts w/o a single response. I have no experience w. anabolics or anything like Mag-10, but I’m afraid I’ll get burned out doing the 2-a-days. I’ve gotten the best results on a MWF approach, plus it fits my schedule rather nicely. I like Convergent Phase because there’s more variety in the lifts, yet the emphasis is on the basic compound movements. I have not yet ordered any Mag-10 and I’m still not sure I will, but if I heard from some others that once-a-day dosages as well as training still gave significant results I’d be all for it. I generally gain mass/strength easy w. proper training and diet, but if Mag-10 really works that well then I’m all for it. I searched the Mag-10 Support Group and there didn’t seem to be any concrete answers…many were doing the two-a-days w. dosage and training regimen. I would just assume train hard and heavy throughout a 12-week cycle instead of 2x/day for 2 weeks and then have to take it easy for two more.

If the only reason you’re hesitant about traing twice a day is you’re worried about is “burning out” (rather than a schedual conflict) I would suggest doing what Charles Poliquin recommends for 2x daily traing, that being using the same workout, but splitting it in half (doing half in the morning, half in the evening). I think this split would work well for a type of program such as Convergent Phase training. As far as cycling intensity I would still recommend that you do take it easier for your 2 weeks inbetween. There are a number of reasons for this which I don’t want to spend the time to explain (you can read Get Buffed, by Ian King), but the bottom line is that if you can’t train balls to the walls all the time! And if you say that you train that way now, take a week off and start to cycle intensities, I guarrentee that you will see an improvement in both the quality of your workouts, but your psysic too.

I think that MAG-10 and CPT is an excellent combination. CPT is a well designed program that should thoroughly provide the stimulus for major muscle growth. I have seen many posts where people used once a day training and still saw significant results. Just make sure that you still eat big, lift heavy, and maybe increase the total volume on each workout. Do an extra set for the big body parts:chest,back,legs. MAG-10 is definately worth it. Good luck!

Results can certainly be excellent with once per day training.

Sometimes users find that increasing to 1.5 or 2 doses per day improves their results. Others get such obviously excellent results from one dose per day that they don’t need to increase the dose. Most who use one dose don’t
feel the need to increase.

That’s all I wanted to hear. Thanks Bill!