Mag-10 and Nutrex's 1-TU

Let me start by saying i am already a Biotest fan just exploring my options…so what is the difference in Mag-10 and Nutrex’s 1-TU? Has anyone tried Nutrex? Any benifits from stacking these together? Thanks


1-tu is basically 1-test with a undeconate ester ( sorry bout spelling hehe)…ideally double dosing mag-10 seems more worth while, all the 1-tu has increased lipophyllic properties, in other wordss more absorbtion, but new mag-10 does this without the increase liver enzymes …1-tu very well could do just that, more strain on the liver. Dont really get any extra benefit, althought

haven’t tried 1-tu but i think i rememeber Bill roberts giving it a pretty harsh going over…