Mag-10 and Nandrosol

I am eagerly waiting for the Mag-10 to get here so I can start a six-week cycle. Would it be advantageous or worthless for me to use Nandrosol with Mag-10 for the nandrolone effect? I like the effects in terms of the size I get from it and my shoulder, which sometimes aches, feels great when training with any weight. Your help is very much appreciated.

I’m surprised you get much nandrolone effect on the joints from Nandrosol, because we’re pretty sure (based on the analogous situation with Androsol which we’ve measured) that conversion is pretty low, probably about 50 mg/week worth, certainly not more than 100 mg/week.

But if you do, excellent!

However, I’m sorry to say that MAG-10 would probably inhibit the conversion of nor-4-AD to nandrolone, since Androst-1-ene would compete for occupancy of that enzyme. So the amount of conversion to nandrolone would be expected to be less than when Nandrosol is used alone.