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mag-10 and massive eating

help… i just ordered my mag-10and tribex stack and was trying to work on my diet. i want to do the masssive eating diet. i understand what to eat, but does anybody know when is the best times for a p&c meal or a p&f meal? also iam going to work out twice a dayonce in the morning and once at night. in the morning i am going to the gym at around five in the morning. should i eat before i go to the gym or after or both.and do i take mag-10 before the gym or after… anyone please help me…

Eat as many protein/carb meals as possible. You will need the carbs. If you are going to consume one or two protein/fat meals, then do it later in the day or at night before bed. You should eat something before hitting the gym, and take your Surge or other post-workout immediately after. Eat some protein and carbs prior to the gym (AP + oatmeal or fruit). Definitely use Surge after both workouts for maximum gains and recovery. Take MAG-10 in the morning prior to the workout. You may want to take 3/4 dose before the morning workout and 3/4 dose prior to the afternoon workout. Otherwise, take it all in the morning.

As I recall, JMB’s original massive eating article called for a balance between P+F & P+C meals. Can you please explain to me why while on Mag-10, we should be eating more P+C meals than P+F? I realise the body uses carbs firstly, and more efficiently, than fat, but once the carbs are utilized, will the body not use the P+F meals to build muscle? What is your take on what we should be eating pre-workout? JBM reccommended no carbs 6 hours prior I beleive…
The main reason I’m asking is that I seem to digest the P+F meals faster and better enabling me to take in more calories. The carbs make me bloated and I feel full.

Bill said he likes JB’s Massive Eating program, but thinks you need carbs and protein with every meal when on steroids or MAG-10. That’s the difference: anabolics. Shugart also said that although they use a variation of Massive Eating with the Growth Surge program, he thinks that most meals should be P+C if using MAG-10. Sorry, don’t know the science behind it, but it seems that if you’re “on” you better be getting your carbs for maximal gains. I’m trying it out right now.

As a natural trainer, it’s very important
to keep fat intake up to at least 30% of
calories and possibly more, else natural
testosterone levels drop.

This is completely not relevant when plenty
of androgens are being taken.

Instead, those calories are better put towards
carbs and protein.

Anabolics such as mag 10 typically improve insulin sensitivity and speed up metabolism anyway so your body will better be able to utilize the extra carbs. I don’t think there’s much of a contest when comparing a high carb diet vs a high fat diet for muscle gains…the high carb diet wins out every time. The problem is naturally not everybody can handle the high carb diet without putting on excessive amounts of fat. But if you improve the body’s ability to utilize the carbs without putting on the fat than you’ll probably gain more muscle by following the higher carb plan.

kelly - just how do we make ourselves better able to utilize carbs in the diet for more muscle growth and/or anabolism? Also, everyone, does the p+c emphasis in the diet apply when on androsol as well as mag-ten or other anabolics? should there be no p+f or just later on in the evening hours? thanks.

Dean when you’re on something like Mag 10 you dont have to do anything as you’ll be in an anabolic mode and extra calories and carbs are more likely to help building muscle. If you’re all natural then it’s a different story. Read the massive eating series, supplement with fish oils, ALA, do cardio, eat carbs up to 6 hours postworkout and p+f at the other times.