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MAG-10 and Liver?

I know MAG-10 is generally very safe, however I’m curious what it’s load on the liver is nonetheless. I’m taking another medication that is a little tough on the liver too.

Is it even remotely like most oral AAS in its burden on liver? I mean, is it a 5 on a scale of 1-10 where D-Bol or something is a 10, or what?

The 17AA oral gear has always had a reputation as being harsh on the liver. Hence all the don’t to drol or dbol more than 6 weeks. In reality, even after 6 weeks of 150mg ED of drol or 75mg of dbol most people’s livers will return to baseline with 6 weeks off the products. On your scale of 1-10. If MAG-10 is a 1, dbol is probably a 3-4 and alcohol is at least a 5.

Obviously dosages issues are present, in that 30mg of dbol is not as harsh as 60mg.