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MAG 10 and King's Programs

Here’s the deal, I’ve got enough MAG-10, Tribex, M, etc. to do three cycles of 2 weeks on, 4 weeks off. I’m going to do the Limping and Super Strength programs for the first 12 weeks, take a week off, then do the Bring the Pain program for 12 weeks using the hypertrophy/neural option. That’s the background info.

As this is my first time using MAG-10, etc. I’m curious as to when it be most beneficial to use it during those 24 weeks of training, keeping in mind I only have 3 cycles worth. Any suggestions would be appreciated (even if its that I should scrounge up enough for a 4th cycle, lol).

Depends, what are your goals during each phase of the training. Is one going to be for cutting?, all cutting, all bulking?

Dang, thought I’d covered everything but wound up missing a significant portion.

Goals are bulking and strength. Don’t really have to worry about cutting since I do a stupid amount of cardio every work day (thanks 82nd, for making us run everyday).


I’m interested to. I just received mag, tribex, and m. Should I freeze or refrigerate this stuff?

Whats the best programs.

No mean to hijack, just want to keep up this thread.


bump, i know its alright to refridge mag-10, how bout tribex and m?

I would say the last two weeks of stage 3s would be optimal.