MAG-10 and HST

Has anyone yet taken Mag-10 while doing Hypertrophy Specific Training? I was considering using Mag-10 during my next HST cycle, but I wasn’t sure what micro cycle I should take it in (15s, 10s, 5s, negs). Or, I was wondering if I used Mag-10 at 1 week on, 1 week off (to hit a week on all rep microcycles of HST) would I still get the same results? Any help would be great, thanks a bunch.

Take it during the 10s microcycle. Consider also bumping up the volume and doing each workout twice a day. Use Tribex and M to finish off the 5s and Tribex through the 5/Negs. Don’t worry about anything for the 15s. Just my thoughts. This is something that I will consider doing after I finish my first HST cycle on a cutting phase. I’m in my second week of 10s now.

I say take it during the negs. This type of training gives the most muscle mass in the least amount of time, but it is also hardest to recover from and for that reason it is easy to overuse so that it becomes ineffective. Mag-10 will make it harder to overuse the negatives.

Bryan Haycock addresses this himself on the thinkmuscle forum so search for it, he addresses 1-test. To recant he says if you are doing to weeks of 5 reps then negatives start it the second week of 5 reps. If you are only doing 1 week, start when you start your 5s. I think that’s it but you better double check.

Thanks guys. I checked Haycock’s post, and I think what I may do is start Mag-10 for a two week cycle during my second week of fives, so I’ll hit a week of negs as well. I’ll add an additional circuit during my negs, as I normally only do one (I do two for 15s, 10s, and 5s). Maybe I’ll throw in some extra workouts during the second week of fives, as well. Second week of negs, I’ll go back to 1 full circuit, then just go a second mini-circuit of only the compound movements that I do (bench, pullup, etc) while taking Tribex and M. What do you think?

I have two reasons why I would use MAG-10 during the 10s. #1-My goal would be hypertrophy and while there is much talk about hypertrophy rep ranges, the 10s or 5s would be the best microcycle for this. I have better experience with hypertrophy with higher rep ranges. #2-I wanted a period of heavy training post MAG-10 to maintain proper training stimulus and to ensure gains. So I would either take it during the 10s or during the last week of 10s and first week of 5s.

Jason, I’m just curious if you have ever tried negative only training. It is true that rep ranges in the 1-3 range are not good for hypertrophy for most, however negative only training is a totally different ball game. If you have the means to do it, I suggest you give it a try sometime. If you have tried it and it did not put more muscle on you then the common 8-10 reps, then I am very suprised.

Well, I have not tried negative only training, but it what you say makes sense. I’ll have to be creative as a train alone, but you can always do bilateral concentrics and unilateral eccentrics. I will try to do this during the negatives cycle of HST and really see how I respond.