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Mag 10 and Fats

I know it is recommended to avoid fats while on a Mag 10 cycle. Is it best to avoid the 6-10g of EPA while on Mag 10?

Whether you’re enhanced or not, you should always be meeting your EFA needs. 6g is more than enough.

You are supposed to avoid fat while taking Mag 10? Hmm. I haven’t been avoiding fat and I’m making some very good gains. I’m not eating a ton of fat and my post-workout nutrition has none (its your normal Surge-ish post). I thought the plan for success said something like 30% from healthy fats. Perhaps I should read the article again.

When ‘assisted’, fat should generally be kept to a minimum, outside of your EFA intake.

While using androgens, it’s advisable to increase your carbohydrate intake even further, while reducing fat intake. Once you finish, drop your carbs again, and up your fats, while getting equal amounts of monos/polys/saturates.

TrenchDog, excellent answer by Thunder. Not much that can be added.

If you can stand it, throw all your EFAs into your middle-of-the-night shake and (except for that) eat P+C as nearly as you can.