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MAG 10 and EDT

I’m starting another cycle of MAG 10 this upcoming week. I want to change my work out up so I’m thinking about doing EDT. However, should I still be doing the twice a day workouts. I have it planned out so I’ll be working out each body part twice a week with EDT. Is this way too much? I’m 5’10" at 180lbs, about 12% bf. I’m intaking about 4500 calories a day, 420g protein, 490g carbs, and about 80g fat. What do you guys think?

In theory you could do 2x a day. You’d have to spread the sessions out during the day considerable and sit in a tub of ice water when you are done. But I would not perform EDT 2x a day even though you would be on MAG-10. Recovery is a big issue and you will be sore. However, if you are a volume freak look into Coach Davies Renegade Bodybuilding with or without the Mag-10.

Remember also that it is only for two weeks. Still too much?

Your are borderline. It depends on what type of workout and recovery methods you are performing prior to these two weeks of pain and then what you will be doing after the two weeks.
I do not doubt that you could do it, make sure you have everything down as you do, ie diet, maybe the Renegade Chef will help us out here to help zero in a bit more because of the demands you will be placing on your body. Also get in your sleep, power naps, lower your daily stress if possible, are you performing any cardio during those two weeks? Anaerobic threshold training?

I usually do cardio 4 times a week. I prefer spints, but I’m starting to do the treadmill due to the freezing temperatures here in Champaign (I know, i’m a pussy). No more than 20 minutes of cardio after my afternoon workouts. I always take power naps throughout the day. Stress is also relatively low right now, that’s why i want to take advantage of it while i can.

Cut your sprints down to 2x a week. And make sure your work to rest ratio is 1 to 3.
ie. 1 min hard 3 minutes active rest or 30 seconds hard 90 seconds active rest. That has worked exceptionally well for me and others that have performed it.

Your diet will come out to about a 43-37-20 ration of carb/protein/fat. That is pretty decent and follows a 50-30-20 ratio this is commonly used or recommended to athletes in select sports and energetic pathways. As far as the amount of kcal intake it depends on what your goals are as far as body composition change and weight gain. Is your current intake causing you to maintain or increase your weight, I seriously doubt it is causing you to decrease weight but that could also be the case. Either way you need to adjust your caloric intake to account for the increased workload, I would also recommend incorporating active recovery and other restorative methods to aid in post-workout recovery.