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Mag-10 and drug tests

Can Bill Roberts, Chris Shugart or anyone tell me if using MAG-10 will make a NCAA or USOC athlete fail a drug test?

If actually taking MAG-10 while being tested,
I’d expect the user to fail. Testosterone levels will be normal, not elevated, but
testosterone/epitestosterone ratio I’d
expect to be abnormally high.

If being tested a couple of weeks after
MAG-10 usage (possibly one week) I don’t
expect the 4-AD-EC component could cause
failure. As to whether the A1-E component
could cause failure that would depend on
whether Androst-1-ene has yet been added
as a banned substance (it probably will
be at some point) and on whether it is
looked for as a putative metabolite of
boldenone (I don’t believe it is but
I don’t promise it’s not.)

What should be done I suppose is to look
into your question in detail, as it’s an
important one, but personally I have not
done this. I don’t know their current
testing standards.