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MAG-10 and Dieting

I want my MAG-10 to last and am going to do the steroid diet. I wonder if I take 3 caps per day for 4 weeks versus 6 caps per day for 2 weeks- How effective would that be?
Or should I just do 2 weeks on/off?

Take the recommended doses. Taking less will not give you what you are hoping for. Also doing a cycle that includes any 1test product will shut you down severly after staying on it for just a few weeks. So longer than the 2 or 3 week mark and you would need to start taking more MAG-10 or possibly even some real test just to keep progressing in your cycle.
Do the 6 caps ed for 2 weeks, 2 weeks of “M” and Alpha Male, and then start again if you wish.
It is a good product and you should be able to accomplish your goals, what ever they maybe, if you eat for them.
Lift and learn.

I think Alpha Male contains some of the anti E’s that M does. Don’t think you need to stack’m

If Legacy is 2x stronger than the Destroyer formula, does that mean a bottle of 140 pills will go twice as far or that you can take only 1/2 of the old dose? I know there are various opinions on this…