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Mag-10 and creatine

Hi all,
I am about to taking Mag 10 for the first time and I was wondering if I can use creatine with it? Although I don’t think I need it, just want to know if there are ‘danger’ using it, cause I might still have creatine in my system.

Thanks in advance!

You’re fine.

Amazing restraint, Ike.

2 Things:

  1. You need to learn much more about these supplements befor you take them. It is obvious that you have not put much research at all into this. If you want to be successful, you need to learn what and why to put certain things in your body.

  2. Creatine is not dangerous and will do nothing but benefit your MAG-10 cycle.

OH MY GOD! Not creatine and mag 10. are you crazy. your are going to shut down your body with that combo! Be sure to use a flintstone chewable when you come off to prevent a hormonal backlash.

Doogie: Glad someone could tell I’m holding back. :wink:

Goldberg: Hilarious.