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Mag 10 and birth control

Hi folks:

I have a question that I haven’t been able to find any info on in the archives. While on Mag 10, can one consider it an effective form of birth control, similar to how the fishies sort of dry up while on low dose testosterone??

Maybe but even if so, then judging from results with other androgens, it would take
many months of continuous use. I wouldn’t at
all consider this a reliable idea.

I sure wouldn’t bet the ranch on it Kis…unless, of course, you want little Kis’s running around all over the place.

This is a sucker bet. It only takes one fish to upset your applecart.

In a word, no. The World Health Organization
did a study on using “high” dose
testostosterone as a birth control method,
and even after three months of use, they still
found an abysmally low success rate. Androgens
just aren’t a good birth control methodd.

I thank ye’all for the responses. Guess I’m gonna halfta go purchase some more gloves.