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MAG-10 and Appetite


So I started using MAG-10 for the last 7 days at 2 scoops a day, and have actually noticed a drop in appetite. This is not particularly good right now, as I'm in the gaining mindset. On the plus side, while losing 3 lbs during the week goes against my current goals, I do appear slightly leaner and see more ab definition than I have in about 8 months. As far as other factors that have changed this past week:

Diet-same, just added the 2 pulses

Sleep-the academic year just ended, so I'm actually more relaxed and sleeping as much as my heart desires.

Training-same 4 day split I've been following for a few months, though I did deload the core lifts. My appetite drop is much more drastic than anything I've noticed with past deload weeks however. I also did some morning walking 4 of those days, which is new.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm hoping this turns out good in the long run by enabling leaner gains than I originally anticipated.


Yeah, I definitely notice this with anaconda which obviously contains MAG-10.

I did attribute this to the large volume of fluid. But it seems too big an affect for that.


My appetite is less now that I am using the MAG-10...which scared me for a full year until I just decided to eat way less to see what would happen.

<---what happened.


Awesome. It feels like it's forcing me to only eat what I need.