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MAG-10 and Antibiotics


I want to start my MAG-10 cycle on Monday, but i have a sinus infection, and the Dr, gave me 2 weeks of antibiotics to take, so my ? is will taking antibiotics and MAG-10 lead to any bad side affects? or should i wait to take the MAG-10 after the 2 week antibiotics?




Sinus infections are miserable. Personally, I would wait until your infection has run its course. You may feel better (or worse, depending on the type of bacteria) when you first start the antibiotics, but you could suppress your immune sytem by adding more stressors (i.e, weight lifting). If that happens you will be set back even further.

My advice, rest and water, water, and more water. As far as the contraindications for antibiotics, it depends what type of drug (cephalosporins, penicillins, macrolides, tetracyclines, ect). I seriously doubt that MAG-10 will cause an interaction with an antibiotic. I have taken androgens with antibiotics in the past without incident.

The drugs that bodybuilders will find adversely effect antibiotics are aspirin and loop diuretics. However, I am not a doctor, just a nurse practitioner student. I hope this helps.


Like wolar said, but why would you potentially waste some of your MAG-10 by having potentially crappy workouts because of your infection.

At least wait a couple of days until the antibiotics kick in and either stop the bacterial replication or start killing them and you feel much better, then start MAG-10 and continue antibiotics this the end.



your body is in stress because of you viral infection.i think it is not wise to put it under more stress by doingheavy weights. BTW how can you give 100% of your lift if your feeling ill.....listen to your body!


Chronic sinusitis isn't that stressful to your body. I've had sinusitis for the last 3 months while I'm on a Westside routine, which enabled me to make constant progress.



thanks for your input and advice,wolar32. its a penicillin. and i guess i will take it for two weeks and then hit the mag and weights hardcore and see what happens.

thanks again.


Its kinda off topic, but I found soemthing amazing to cure sinusitis on wholehealthmd.com. Its a device called Waterpick, along with a nasal attachment.

You use saline solution with goldenseal, use the waterpick device to "flush" your sinuses, and voila, sinusitis is gone/controlled in a few repeats. Screw antibiotics unless you have no other choice.