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Mag 10 and Androsol

Ok, I just bought 4 bottles of Androsol to restock, figuring I would try Mag 10 when it comes out…but its out now. Bill, you think I can use both, or is it worthless to stack 4-AD with E-AD-EC since they are in essence the same thing.

Well, it’s not out yet, the article said it would be 8 weeks or so. So you can still get in a good cycle or two of Androsol. And I don’t think they’re the same thing. A stack may be very cool, but we’ll see what Bill or Brock says about that.

In the blood they’re the same thing, since 4-AD-EC is converted to 4-AD in the blood.
It’s just a better way of getting it there,
and of obtaining long duration of action.
So it’s not an efficient stack.