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mag-10 and alcohol for Bill or Cy

Could there be liver damage or other serious health concerns from a person drinking alcohol while taking MAG-10?

With ordinary intake, I don’t think there would be a problem beyond what alcohol ordinarily causes, which for moderate occasional intake isn’t generally a problem.

But as to what happens with someone who consumes truly mass quantities of alcohol on a chronic basis, I couldn’t say whether MAG-10 use at the same time might increase adverse effect, decrease it, or have no effect. There’s very little evidence on what androgens might do there. About all I can think of is oxandrolone being of some use in treating alcohol-induced hepatitis, so I suppose there could be a potential benefit, but I certainly wouldn’t bank on it, nor would I assume it’s impossible that there could be a worsening of effect.

Being as neither androgen in MAG-10 is 17-alpha alkylated, liver toxicity is not an issue.

I think you should attend an AA meeting if you can’t lay off the booze long enough to fit a Mag 10 cycle in, no excuse.

i dont understand the concept behind this whole i want to use pro steroids, get hyoooooooge, get ripped etc. and still treat my body like shit by drinking. once in a while is cool, but if your concerned there is probably already a problem.

Alex and P-Dog: I guarantee Rafael wasn’t looking for a lecture (in fact, he may be posting after the fact, and is now worried), but I absolutely agree with both of you.

Ok, while on MAG-10, I was constantly either eating, preparing meals, cleaning up after eating/preparing meals, trying to sleep, training, planning my training, buying food and masturbating, in no particular order haha. How could you possibly find time to drink?

One word: University.

CGB…in between “Preparing Meals” and “Masterbating” I didn’t see “Washing my hands”???