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Mag-10 and 4-AD-EC cycle advice?

I’ve already posted this on the Training/Nutrition forum, but no one replied. I would really appreciate some advice. I have a bottle of Mag-10 and a bottle of 4-AD-EC. I also have the Tribex/M. I’m already one week into a single-dose mag-10 cycle. Would it be beneficial to take the 4-AD-EC right after my mag-10 cycle, since it it too late for me to take them at the same time. Or should I wait and take the 4-AD-EC after my two weeks of Tribex/M. Please feel free to inform me of different cycles with the Mag-10 and 4-AD-EC.

You have a few options. What are your goals? Age, training, diet?

I’m 23. Height 6’0. Weight 225. BF 15%. I’d like to make some nice gains in size without adding much fat.

Have you actually read all the articles here on TMAG concerning 4AD and Mag10? Of your two options, the latter is the only one that would make sense.

#1 Bulking

2wks Mag-10 Maintence cals + 1000

2wks 4-AD-EC (new)Maintence cals + 500

2wks Tribex500/M (new)Maintence

You could also try switching the last 2 around. However, you would probably need to frontload 4-AD-EC again if not taken right after Mag-10.

#2 Bulk + Cut

2wks Mag-10 Maintence cals + 1000

2wks Tribex500/M (new)Maintence cals

4wks 4-AD-EC(1/2dose) Below Maintence cals

These are just my opinions, I have only used Mag-10 for cutting. I did 4wks 1/2dose. Lost 1lb on the scale but gained 4lbs of muscle. So I might not be one to give advice on bulking. Any other opinions?

Thanks for the great advice. I’ll probably try the cycle you mentioned first.