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MAG 10 and 1-test

I just purchased the powdered 1-test from Kilosports and I have 3 bottles of MAG-10. Has anyone had success with the 1-Test powder taken orally? I wanted to combine the MAG-10 and 1-test into a two week cycle and I was wondering if this would be overkill? Or, would it be wise to use the 1-test by itself? Any info would be appreciated, thanks!

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mag 10 will do the job you also need to not just rely on that,remember CONSISTANT nutrition and training are the core…the powder,most powder form of the andro type clan do not make it thru the liver and intestines…stick with the mag 10 and sample the powder a little at a time…

Mag-10 stimulates both the AR I and II, so it seems that adding anything would compete with one or the other Mag-10 components and then you would be paying full price for maybe only half the product to work. Use one or the other by itself.

supposedly 1-test(androt-1-stene) has a 14%oral bioavailability(similar to 1-ad with its double bond), so taking it orally should be alright.should be?1-test has irritant properties, i have heard of guys on other boards taking this stuff orally with no problem,mag-10’s ec protects users from this to some extent, blunting it.

andros-1-tene is a steroid and not a p.h so more of it should actually give better results depending on your goals if your doing 2 week cycle then go for it but take 3-4 weeksoff as inhibition could be greater.there is a danger of abuse with this and the user should be aware of the consequences, such as increased dosage will mean incresed side effects, although they are mild with this substance they do exist.common side effects are insomnia ,a feeling of lethargy and loss of libido(the 4-ad component of mag-10 helps with this) and hair loss(if you are prone to it).i would try the mag-10 first and then if results are not to your satisfaction incorporate the 1-test next time

I am interested in the same stack. Personally, I am going to use the liquid VPX version to stack with MAG-10. I have seen great results from MAG 10 alone on 2 week cycles, but not what I think it is capable of with 1-test. Capsuled 1-AD has contributed much more strength than mass increases in the folks I have talked to, so I am looking to maximize my next 2 week cycle of MAG 10 and 1 test.