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MAG-10/Anaconda on 2-a-Day Workouts

Hello CT,

I was planning on doing 2 a day a workouts for the last 3 weeks of 6 Weeks to Superhero and I was wondering how you would set up a supplement schedule using MAG-10 and Anaconda?

I am currently using Anaconda pre and during workout.
For MAG-10, I’ve been using a protocol you’ve suggested to another poster:
MAG-10 ten minutes after workout, another 45 minutes later and another 45 minutes after that. This protocol has worked very well for me the last 3 weeks.

For 2 a day workouts, I was thinking something similar to the Plazma diet:

7am MAG-10
8am Anaconda (workout)
9:15am MAG-10
10am Post workout meal
1:15 Anaconda (workout)
2:30 MAG-10
3:30 MAG-10

Dinner with the family around 6 or 7

Thanks for any suggestions