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MAG-10/Anaconda in Australia?


hi i have searched around but couldnt find any info. Have any aussies on this site had any problems with customers with purchases of Mag-10 and Anaconda. cheers


I believe you cannot get Mag-10 or Anaconda into Australia because we dont have import aproval "yet". This is because it contains dairy which takes awhile to get aproval for. However you can get pepto pro which is also a casine hydroslate product. (maybe the best out there) So in the mean while dont risk your hard earned on a product that will probably get turned around at the door.

On a side note you can get it in New Zeland from the cuzzies. I believe we have import loophole through them. Worth a call to Biotest NZ.

BEst of luck


thanks, thats really helpfull, i will check it out


i have been looking for this in Australia as well, i emailed Biotest and all they said was it was not allowed in Australia yet, but i am interested in what Mr octurbo said, Mr oct have you tried to get it from NZ yourself as yet??