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Mag-10 Alternative dosing

A few weeks or so back I saw a post about a different method for taking Mag-10 caps. I think it was twice or three times a week and 12 caps a day.

Ive tried to find it via the search but to no avail.

Anybody else remember the dosing regimine? Thanks. Sully

i think it may have been in the reader mail/news, not the forums…
will check…

Thanks Whetu. Through your tip I found it.

Here it is:

Glad you?re having fun with MAG-10, Ed. Doing two weeks of 12 capsules a day followed by a week of Tribex is fine.

On a related note, several of us have been experimenting with a new MAG-10 protocol. We simply take 12 capsules twice a week, say, Monday and Thursday, and we do it indefinitely. Even though the chances of any kind of Testosterone suppression with MAG-10 are slight, adopting this new protocol seems to reduce the chances even further.

So far the results have been promising. While big-time weight gains eventually plateau, we have a much easier time staying rock-hard.

Give it a shot if you?re interested

This sounds like a good way to make a bottle of Mag-10 last a little longer. I wonder, however, if this is NOT the optimal dosage for something like Growth Surge, where you are doing 2x/day and need the extra “oomph!” for recovery. In that case, maybe the daily dosage is better for you.

Any thoughts?